The Whitby Deli



Satisfying your sweet tooth with some artisan cholocates, or buying a gift for someone special with some unique salted Caramels?

Our confectionary selection is rapidly growing as we discover more and more of the best chocolate around.

Makers and Merchants, boasting fantastic dark, milk and white chocolate (some with mixes of orange and ginger, who could resist??).

Salted carmamels by the award winning Artisan Du Chocolat by Chef Gerrard Coleman, who's impressive chocolate resume includes creating Salted Caramel products for Gordan Ramsey, Claradges, Michelin Star Restaurants.

If you are looking for something abit more 'Yorkshire', the Ultimate English fudge will not disappoint, espically with flavours such as lemon cocount ice.

And finally, Monty Bojangles supply us with their french luxary truffles from their curiously moreish world of chocolatey flavour inventions, (our favourite being is choccy scoffy). The type of thing you buy once, and then inevitably, HAVE to buy again!

Chocolate Rococo