The Whitby Deli

GF Ginger and Flynn


Here at the Whitby Deli we know that Yorkshire is jam packed with amazing, cooks, suppliers and foodies who make and supply some of the best products in the country.

Whether you're a budding chef wanting to try out your own creations on the general public and need an outlet to do so or have a product you would like to showcase, maybe you would like to hold your own coffee cupping, wine tasting, or cheese evening?

The Whitby Deli is the perfect place to showcase your talents or hold your event.

Our most recent addition to the deli shop is the amazing GINGER AND FLYNN flowers, which we have had in stock for Valentines Day, Easter and Mothers Day! Flowers always make the perfect gift combo with one of our wines, gins, or many confectionary products! 

You've got the talent and we've got the perfect facilities and expertise to help you showcase and sell your product, or plan your chosen event. 

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